Sunday, January 8, 2012

2011... Part 1

I haven't done so well with blogging thus far, but I'm determined to make it happen this year.  :)  I'm going to start with looking back over 2011.  So, here it goes:

We got snow.  Lots and Lots of snow.  We got enough that I actually didn't have to go to work a couple of days.

After going through putting a contract on a house and losing it, then building a house and losing it, we had finally come to the conclusion that living in the neighborhood we had chosen was not God's plan for us.  We truly felt like that God wanted us to just stay in the condo, but go ahead and keep it on the market.  Not long after coming to that decision, Matt's condo sold!  We were able to purchase our first house!  It was far better than the house we had lost the contract on & even then the house we were building!  God was so good to us!

My birthday present from Matt was to see Disney's Beauty & the Beast (the Broadway musical).  I love Disney & Broadway, so it was PERFECT.  Plus it meant I got date night with my favorite person!  That as a gift was a winner in and of itself.  :)

March brought us Middle School Choir Tour.  We took the kids to Atlanta for a weekend of ministry.  They were able to help plant a garden, sing in a couple of nursing homes and enjoy the Coke Museum.  We have such a great group of middle schoolers!  Matt and I were also able to make a trip to Ikea to get some of the furniture we needed.

(Yes... those are my feet... we had so many items there wasn't anywhere to put my feet. haha)

April brought high school choir tour.  We got to take the students to Minnesota this year.  We had a 27 hour bus ride there to all bond with each other.  We are so blessed to have such a great group of non-complaining teenagers and adults!  We'd love to have you read all about our choir mission trip information here.

The students sang in 3 services at Westwood the morning after we arrived.
Matt got to see one of his best friends- Jake. 
The Sophomore Class helped clean at the Salvation Army.  Part of the job was cleaning the playground area.

Somehow those crazy Sophomores talked super cautious me into climbing up to the top of the outside of the play area.  I was so scared the ENTIRE time.  Thank goodness for good friends to help me get down!

We didn't get to work with the Junior class, but they helped at another Salvation Army location.  I couldn't help but post this picture.  It makes me laugh. :)
We got to see the big spoon with the cherry.  Of course our group is so big, you can only see the cherry.

We also got to work with the program Feed My Starving Children.  We packaged meals to be shipped to children in need of meals.  Such a wonderful program that we all LOVED helping with.

The kids also got to do a big block party at homeless shelter.
We also got to go visit Matt's Grandpa's farm.  The kids also got to do a concert in a public high school.  It was a wonderful week that we were all sad to see end.

God gave me an added little surprise during choir tour. I received a phone call from my realtor letting me know I had an offer on my house!  We were able to work the whole thing out via phone.
As many of you know, April also brought tornadoes to our area.  God really protected us and our homes.  I opted not to put any of the pictures of the damaged homes in the neighborhood we assisted with clean up.  We were without power for a week.  It was quite a bonding week for many of us as we ate meals together and spent lots of quality time riding bikes, walking & making up fun improv games.  We were also able to help a friend move his items into storage.  Needless to say, we were all pretty sad when the power came back on.  

(We had church outside at the pavilion)

STAY TUNED FOR PART 2... Hopefully, coming tomorrow... :)

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