Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Addisyn's First Christmas

I decided to wait until December to post about Addisyn's first Christmas. The month was filled with all kinds of fun new things for her.
Her first trees-
 Our real tree.  It was 10 1/2 feet tall!

She got a tree in her room this year.  Mommy loved getting to decorate a PINK tree!

She saw Santa three times.

at Randolph School's Under the Christmas Tree Event

at Randolph School's Under the Christmas Tree Event

at The Botanical Garden's Galaxy of Lights walk-through

at Santa's Village


She played the role of Baby Jesus in this year's Hanging of the Green. People are still raving about her performance. She apparently deserves an Academy Award. Once I can get a hold of the photos and video, I will post them.

Addisyn attended her first Winterlude. She even played on the piano Daddy played after the performance.

She partied with the students & the music staff at multiple Christmas parties.

Her first Vesper's service on Christmas Eve, she went up with Mommy & Daddy to do the Advent Candle lighting. After that, she sat by the stage with Mommy, Katy & Hunter to listen to brother Jimmy tell the Christmas Story.

Christmas Story and Caroling on the church stage 

 with Brother Jimmy Jackson, our pastor

My parents came that night to join us and watch Addisyn while Mommy & Daddy sang.
Obviously, she was done with pictures. :)

Christmas Eve she opened her first present- A Christmas Eve box- filled with new Jammies, a movie, snacks & a new cup!

 Christmas Eve Box!

Christmas Jammies!!!

Christmas morning, she woke up bright and early. Addisyn was ready to open her presents! First thing though, Daddy read her the Christmas story out of her children's Bible.

Everyone told us she would be more interested in the paper than the present. Not Addisyn. She loved her toys and played with each one for a long time before opening the next one. This child is loved for sure! I will say, her absolute favorite toy was the Musical Mirror from her Aunt Destinee. She climbed over me to get to it!

Her favorite toy!

 She was so happy to get her puppy lovie back.  
(It was lost at the Casting Crowns concert.  Santa brought her a new one for Christmas.)

Sitting with her stocking stuffers

It was so fun to enjoy Christmas with her this year!  I can't wait for next year! :)