Friday, December 27, 2013

7 months old!

Time sure is flying by in our house! Little Miss turned 7 months old the day after Christmas!

(Photo Credit: Salt of the Earth Photography)

She has always had quite a bit of personality, but lately it sure is showing more! She is quick to let you know when she is hungry. If she doesn't want you to put that paci in her mouth, you can NOT get it in. Those little lips get pursed together and nothing you can do will open them. I call her Little Miss Sassy Pants sometimes.  Most of the time, she really is happy.  She loves being the center of attention.  In fact, a few weeks ago, she got a little sassy and knocked her bumbo off the table. It gave us our first Emergency Room visit and quite possibly the biggest scare of our life so far.

Moments after it happened

The next day

Still so happy!

One week later

Sleep is still not her favorite thing. I mean don't you know that Mommy & Daddy party while she's asleep? She did give us 11 1/2 hours the other night. It was glorious! Slowly, but surely she is adjusting to naps.

She is happy unless she is hungry or tired. I love listening to her little giggle. Her new favorite game is peekaboo. She will giggle and giggle when you play it with her.  The kid loves to eat, too.  She's eating full pouches of veggies, fruits and occasionally some meat.  She's also discovered Mommy & Daddy's plates.  We are eating one at a time now.  One of us has to keep her from leaping to our plates.  She's also learned that Mommy will share the food on her plate with her.  She's tasted Chickfila Nuggets, Tilapia, several kinds of bread and whatever veggie is on the plate.  Oh, she's also noticed my Sonic drinks.  She's been known to leap for that too.  That Mommy won't share until she has too.  :)

She's almost crawling now.  She is definitely scooting around.  I say she looks like a frog.  :)  She'll go for anything she really wants- most of the time it's for Mommy or the treasured toy of the day.  I don't think it will be long until she is walking too.  She can't stand that everyone else can stand or walk and she can't.
(Photo Credit: Salt of the Earth Photography)

(Photo Credit: Salt of the Earth Photography)

She truly is a sweet child and the joy of our lives.  We are loving this time with her.  It's so fun to watch her discover new things!

(Photo Credit: Salt of the Earth Photography)

Tomorrow, I will blog about all her first Christmas activities.  She was a busy girl the month of December, so I will share all the highlights with photos.