Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pizza Quesadillas

Well, 2 posts in one day... What on earth is going on???  haha...  Last night, I had a couple of friends over, so I decided to make a super simple meal.  I found this on Pinterest the other day.  I never did look at the recipe, but decided I could probably figure it out for myself.  :)  So, here it goes:

Shredded Cheese or leftover sliced cheese
Any thing you would normally want on a pizza
Marinara/Spaghetti Sauce

I poured a jar of sauce into a pan to let it heat up while I had my skillet heating up.  (I lightly oiled the skillet before heating it up.)  I took a tortilla put some cheese on it, then some pepperoni and a little more cheese then placed another tortilla on top.  I cooked them until each side was slightly crispy and the cheese was melted then cut it into 8 triangles.  After that, I used a small prep bowl and poured some sauce in.  I dipped my triangles into the sauce and about died from it's goodness.  Ok, that is a slight exaggeration, but seriously, it was REALLY good!  It's perfect for me because I really try not to eat a lot of bread or pasta and let's face it, pizza is lots of bread.

I was planning on trying out another tortilla recipe tonight, but after typing this out I'm thinking I might make this again tonight... maybe with a little onion instead of pepperoni.  YUM!!!!

PS- Sorry for the lack of picture.  This was so good none of us even took the time to stop- we just inhaled it.  :)

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