Thursday, March 8, 2012

Best Shower Cleaner?

My one we request when we originally wanted to build a house was for NO clear glass doors. My argument was that they were SO hard to clean. When the building of the house(s) fell through, we found a brand new house. Since the house was already finished, I had no choice in shower doors. That dreaded clear glass was in our master bathroom. But let's face it, clear glass is BEAUTIFUL!
The first few times I cleaned it I made a Comet and Vinegar paste. It worked great, but took over 45 min to get it cleaned. I was so frustrated! Our shower did not get cleaned as often as it should that's for sure!
I was so excited the other day when I came across another idea for a shower cleaner- Dawn Dish Soap & Vinegar. I believe the original "recipe" came from I mixed my ingredients and headed in. Not only did it get my shower doors clean, but it got some of the soap scum off the floor too! I LOVE cleaning the shower doors now! I actually even cleaned them after getting a temporary crown on yesterday.

Here are the directions:
9 oz of Blue Dawn Dish Soap
9 oz of Vinegar

Heat the vinegar up in the microwave then pour it into a spray bottle. Add the dish soap and shake it up really good. Then spray your shower walls and scrub, scrub, scrub!

Happy Cleaning!


PS- please forgive the horrible photo. We are down our computer so I can't upload. I had to use my phone to take it.

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